About Douglas Elting

Douglas EltingWho is this guy? He’s not an insider. He’s not a doctor, a nurse or hospital executive. He practiced architecture for over 45 years. What makes him think he’s some sort of expert on healthcare? He sounds like he wants to change the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. Does he know what he’s up against? Healthcare has entrenched interests with lobbyists and billion dollar budgets invested in $1.4 trillion dollars of waste. Who does he think he is, Don Quixote?

What motivates a person who has been on periphery of our present dysfunctional healthcare system making a good living designing hospitals give it up to pursue a dream trying to change nearly 20% of the nations economy? Was it a moral imperative? Did he finally reach a point that he realized that what he was being paid to design was wrong? Did he experience a life altering event?

Several years ago his son-in-law was horribly burned in a work related accident. He was burned over 94% of his body and transported to a world renowned burn trauma center. His skin was abraded with the exception of his hands, feet and a small patch the size of a postage stamp under his belt buckle. Mark was given a 3% chance of surviving the next 24 hours. He was given that same 3% chance each day for the next 75 days. His doctors cloned that little patch of skin under his belt buckle into small sheets of skin membrane and worked to get his body to accept it. They were not successful. Mark passed away. He left his wife, Doug’s daughter, who he had come to realize is the strongest person he has ever met, and $5 million in medical bills to a widow without health insurance.

It is said that all healthcare is personal.