T R A N S C E N D will provide personalized professional services to provide information to interested parties from laypersons to healthcare professional in any setting and at any location.

    • Speaker services to boards, community groups, physicians, strategic planning sessions and conferences.
    • Evaluations and assessment of DPC/Wellness transition in your community or county.
        • Actuarial services to predetermine financial feasibility
        • Custom plan design services
    • Meetings with public and private employers to encourage participation and explain the advantages to them and their employees and families.
    • Community education meetings to explain healthcare transition and the differences and benefits of the Direct Primary Care/Wellness program.
    • Find customized solutions to implement unique health solutions for each community and provider based on free market principles.

The above listed professional services are available to any interested party at a reasonable hourly rate plus expenses, a predetermined negotiated amount or in accordance with any equitable arrangement agreed upon.